HOWARD is the law firm specialized in the defense of employees. he law firm intervenes in all areas of laborand social security law. 
It advises and implements strategies for employee representative committee and trade unions.
In addition, Howard has a team specially dedicated to the support of artists and sportsmen throughout their career.


We founded the Howard Law Firm in order to allow everyone to defend themselves and to make the services of professionals accessible.

With our knowledge of labor law, we want to make it possible for everyone to contact a competent lawyer and to be accompanied easily.

You have a question or you don't know where to start in your process? 

We are at your service 

The Howard lawfirm

HOWARD was born in 2017 from the meeting of two entrepreneurial lawyers who realized that few law firms were exclusively dedicated to defending employees
They started from a simple observation: The Macron reform capping labor compensation is a terrible injustice for employees, who will increasingly lose their most legitimate rights to the labor courts.
There will therefore be an increase in the number of unfair dismissals in the first 3-4 years and a reduction in the number of cases brought before the courts.
They therefore decided to set up their own firm exclusively dedicated to employees. The packages are predetermined in advance and payable in installments at no charge.
HOWARD's lawyers have practiced in the largest law firms on the Parisian market and then chose HOWARD by vocation.
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A team of professionals in employment law and social security law

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Why to choose 
The Howard lawfirm

HOWARD's lawyers are experts in labor and social protection law. They all have excellent academic backgrounds (Master 2 in social law from the best universities, Business School, political science). They have all practiced in the largest law firms in Paris and have chosen HOWARD by vocation.
HOWARD was created to allow all employees to take legal action despite the reform of the cap on labor compensation. The packages are predetermined in advance and payable in installments at no charge. The fees are the same for all peopleto be as egalitarian as possible. HOWARD accepts legal aid and legal insurance.
The firm's lawyers are available to answer all your questions. The implementation of high-performance digital tools (apps, instant messaging system, etc.) allows you to have access to a lawyer quickly and wherever you are.

It may not be too late!

If you have any questions about back pay, contact Howard. It's never too late to get good employment law advice, and listening to a professional can help you win your case quickly.
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